December 30, 2011


When someone so dear to you has gone through so much abuse, one cannot but feel an incomparable pain. Sometimes I wonder how I can be of any help to those who undergo such challenges.  I have finally come to the conclusion that the mere act of being sensible, sensitive, and accepting can make a much greater difference in this world.  

Too many instances when individuals are quick to judge occur.  Without looking into a situation or viewing from a different stand point, people, both old and young, make the mistake of misunderstanding, misjudging, and even accusing.  

Outward appearances in actuality say so little about who a person really is inside.  Inside, individuals may be facing unbearable struggle, pain, and other issues we do not comprehend.  How much better would this world be if we were a little more sensitive, a little less quick to judge, a little more understanding?

We cannot remain naive to the world, caught in a web of closed mindsets.  Open your eyes.  There's so much for us to see.  

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