April 18, 2011

The Untouchables

Sometimes, I catch myself doing the detestable.  That is... becoming a fake, detestable human being.  I. WILL. NOT. BECOME. A. FAKE!!!! AHHHH!!! (WAR CRY HERE!!!)

So, I was thinking of "The untouchables"?  - Yes, I believe that "the untouchables" are those who are seen but unseen, those who are genuine and constantly kind, those who don't belong in any clique. And often as not, true untouchables develop their talents and help others develop theirs.  They are examples, teachers, and true friends to all.  

"The untouchables", however, are not in the least untouchable.  In fact, they are so TOUCHABLE, so understanding, and so inviting that the name "untouchable" should not, does not represent their character!!

RANT:  Ah... And perhaps what I am saying does not even make sense... Well then, you'll have to know that I am indeed a little crazy, ---- but I assure you---- It makes sense in my head.  

And might I apologize for the negativity I have been emitting - in recent posts- and in real life?  I have been indescribably blessed with so many events, so many people, and so many opportunities!  The friends I have ARE true friends!! They are those who I admire more than they know.  
Ahhhh - What am I saying?  - I'm grateful to even HAVE friends.  
Thank you!!! Thank you!! THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FRIEND!!!!!!


Also... to my plethora of readers (hahaha....NOT!)  My friend Marina has nailed inspiration on the head yet again.... ok I don't even know what that means.... but anyway. Please read THIS everyday.  What an inspiration and a true UNTOUCHABLE!!! mwahahaha  ;)  haha ok.  I'm calm. calm. calm. calmm.......

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  1. Verina Chen. You, my dear, are amazing. I love ur blog, and i love you! so much! :) YOU are inspirational.