April 26, 2011


More often than not... 
I enjoy taking pictures of myself. 
-Definitely a sick obsession-
-Definitely something to be ashamed of-

Alas... I will what I will...
Especially after rummaging through the basement closet filled with my mother's old clothes from Taiwan.
-It's like shopping for free stuff-

Most of the time, it's stuff that no one else would dare wear.
-ok fine... only stuff Vicky would never wear.-

It's like old lady clothes...
And sometimes the pants are really saggy.
-But wait-

I can't let all the shoulder-padded sweaters, patterned scarves, and baggy pants go to waste.
So, I lug 'em all up and try to achieve success
- in producing an outfit, of course... -

And when I dress up for school, my mother laughs and says, "You're a mouse of clothing!"
-Meaning that I scavenge for clothing, rather than for food-
And then I take a few photos ... and there you have it.

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