April 30, 2011

April 28, 2011

out of place.


I'm as mellow as a fellow. - I enjoy feeling a little sorrow at times.
When I'm happy, I make things - crafts, music, ... wonderful things.
I like playing... piano, uke, and viola... and I want to learn how to play the accordion, guitar, and harmonica.
Most people don't know that I work out at 24 hour fitness with Vicky.  (We like taking the classes together.)
I don't hate anyone... I just get jealous of some, intimidated by some, and creeped-out by others.

April 27, 2011


Badum ---- badum dum dudum Badum....

April 26, 2011


More often than not... 
I enjoy taking pictures of myself. 
-Definitely a sick obsession-
-Definitely something to be ashamed of-

Alas... I will what I will...
Especially after rummaging through the basement closet filled with my mother's old clothes from Taiwan.
-It's like shopping for free stuff-

Most of the time, it's stuff that no one else would dare wear.
-ok fine... only stuff Vicky would never wear.-

It's like old lady clothes...
And sometimes the pants are really saggy.
-But wait-

I can't let all the shoulder-padded sweaters, patterned scarves, and baggy pants go to waste.
So, I lug 'em all up and try to achieve success
- in producing an outfit, of course... -

And when I dress up for school, my mother laughs and says, "You're a mouse of clothing!"
-Meaning that I scavenge for clothing, rather than for food-
And then I take a few photos ... and there you have it.

April 25, 2011

April 19, 2011

After a day of studying, I love playing some Scarlatti, Beethoven, Bach, Liszt, or Rachmaninoff, and afterwards, listening to Lang Lang play some Schumann, Chopin, etc. while getting ready for bed.  What a glorious remedy.  

April 18, 2011

The Untouchables

Sometimes, I catch myself doing the detestable.  That is... becoming a fake, detestable human being.  I. WILL. NOT. BECOME. A. FAKE!!!! AHHHH!!! (WAR CRY HERE!!!)

So, I was thinking of "The untouchables"?  - Yes, I believe that "the untouchables" are those who are seen but unseen, those who are genuine and constantly kind, those who don't belong in any clique. And often as not, true untouchables develop their talents and help others develop theirs.  They are examples, teachers, and true friends to all.  

"The untouchables", however, are not in the least untouchable.  In fact, they are so TOUCHABLE, so understanding, and so inviting that the name "untouchable" should not, does not represent their character!!

RANT:  Ah... And perhaps what I am saying does not even make sense... Well then, you'll have to know that I am indeed a little crazy, ---- but I assure you---- It makes sense in my head.  

And might I apologize for the negativity I have been emitting - in recent posts- and in real life?  I have been indescribably blessed with so many events, so many people, and so many opportunities!  The friends I have ARE true friends!! They are those who I admire more than they know.  
Ahhhh - What am I saying?  - I'm grateful to even HAVE friends.  
Thank you!!! Thank you!! THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FRIEND!!!!!!


Also... to my plethora of readers (hahaha....NOT!)  My friend Marina has nailed inspiration on the head yet again.... ok I don't even know what that means.... but anyway. Please read THIS everyday.  What an inspiration and a true UNTOUCHABLE!!! mwahahaha  ;)  haha ok.  I'm calm. calm. calm. calmm.......

DIE Canker Sore!!!!

Today, I gurgled salt water while listening to some jazz music.

Yes, that is a chopstick.

April 17, 2011

Sunday for A Tired Lass...

Surprisingly, Sundays are one of the busiest days for me...

- Today, I was busy accompanying, walking, accompanying some more, walking,  rehearsing, walking, playing, walking, performing, and walking some more.  THE WHOLE DAY... literally, I've been playing piano for/with people, and I still have another rehearsal/performance tonight for stake music night.

ANYWAY................... I'm exhausted.

At least it's still music.
-Isn't that what I've always wanted?

April 16, 2011


Amongst the weeds.

Walking home from the temple, I spotted a yellow daffodil... One daffodil amongst a field of growing weeds...

So, I crouched down, grabbed my camera phone from my purse, and snapped a few pictures.


April 15, 2011

Joseph - Brisbane, Australia - August 3, 2011

Last night, Joseph received his mission call.

Well, we made our guesses and opened it. (That's him in the back.)

The call? --------  Brisbane, Australia - Mandarin speaking.

Having another brother leaving on a mission is such an honor!

Ni Jiao Shenme Mingze?

After Jon Jon and I went to get Pho (the best Vietnamese noodles in the world), we started singing our made-up Chinese lyrics to "How Firm a Foundation"....

Translated,  it would sound like this.

"What isss your naaaaaame?  What i--iiiss yoouuuurrr name?!  What i -isss your naame what i-iss your naaamee?"  .... etc. etc. etc....

But it sounds cooler when you sing in Mandarin.

"Ni Jiao Shenme Mingze?  Ni Jiao shenme Mingze?  Ni Jiao shenme Mingze?. . ....  .. . "

You get my vibe.


Ain't this the cutest song ever?

I'm going on a date tonight!!  

April 13, 2011

The life of me.

I've realized I think so much I start making up thoughts in my head

For instance:

Sometimes, I think everyone hates me.
Or there's a man in my closet...
or when I haven't done anything, I feel as if
I've done something horribly wrong,

And in the end, it's just me going insane.

So, I sit down and tell Frederyck about everything... and he always listens and sings back.
Or I pull out my instruments and learn a song or two.
Or I take a walk.
And sometimes, I pull out my bag of paper, scissors, glue, and fabric, turn on the music, and begin to create little things.

It's good to be solitary...

Thank you Marina Hudgens!


Start laughing...

Start loving...

Start doing...

Start giving...

Start singing...

Start playing...

Start living.

April 7, 2011

Billie Holiday.

I have a new obsession.

Ready for this? ...

-Jazz music.  Jazz, I say.

April 4, 2011

I am guilty.

Sometimes I feel bad for finally feeling happy... Do you know what I mean? 

I know what it's like to feel so alone, sad, and empty.  In fact, those were only some of the feelings I've experienced only a while ago... This week, though, I've been much happier, and I think it has shown!

I guess when I see others so hurt, I begin to empathize for them and feel ashamed for being so obnoxious ... so happy... so selfish... and then I get to thinking again...

 and there's nothing I can do but feel a little sober...