October 21, 2016

He blew his nose with a hankerchief drawn out from his left pocket.

And all I could wonder is whether or not hankerchiefs are sanitary?


The etymology of the word "garnish":

Chapped Lips

Her lips were chapped.
Lavender hand cream proved a worthy substitute for Chapstick.
The blue ink on her ring finger was faded.
She had reached into her pocket yesterday to grab an uncapped pen only to draw it out to view the results from the ungarnished point.

It wasn't red.
It was blue.

October 19, 2016


Do you know that the letters in the word "space" can be used to spell "escape"?

I came back to see the past post left blank.

I left it.

I thought it would be an appropriate way to convene this new chapter in my life.
A lot has happened.

Do you know that the side you're standing on can reflect things about yourself that you never knew?

Left or right, that is.

Do you know that I've figured it out?

I have a better clue.
I think I do.

Blue likes the idea of those words.
Those words spoke feelings.
Those words spoke heart.

Do you know that the more the work is known, the more it loses its aura?

It's luring.