May 6, 2016


I walk crooked without you.

Something's tugging me towards those memories and moments unexplained. 

We decided it's always been an inner battle between you and you, and me and me. 


I said I believe in fate, and you didn't laugh. 
You never laugh because you believe in the same fate:

The one that is now the breaking point,
The one that robbed us and begs us to change because change is redemption,
Change is mercy, change is the only way for there to be an us because there was never truly an "us" about us. 

It was always me. Or it was always you. But there was never an us because let's be honest: I never let us be. 


This bitterness that consumes my flesh: It has no place longer to conjure in my heart, my soul. 

Flesh, you know, is an abstract fool. 

It cries and writhes because it's dark; yet, its opposite soul is light. Flesh screams and writhes because never will it have the ability or power that Soul holds. 

It's fake in its successes or claim to our hearts. It has nothing and lusts after everything. 


It never was.
It never can be.

We are Soul. 

Soul is forgiveness: the light that turns fools into angels,
Abolishing all fear, 
Taking back virtue,
Reconciling all sense and sanity. 

You know, 

There are spaces in our hearts that exist primarily to hold those dearest to us. 

It's the kind that glows no matter the storm, remaining, hoping, waiting...

It's the kind we're afraid to approach for fear of hurting or feeling the pangs only felt by loss and deception - Yet, we cling to such because of the very source that fuels the fire. 

Yet fire untamed cannot refine gold. 

So, we must face that space: the one that claims our soul and wreaks of burning flesh. 

Because that space will heal, and healing is what will bring you and me to us. 

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