October 5, 2015


I went to the temple to perform initiatories this morning and ran into my Mom working in the dressing room.  She looked beautiful in white.  My brother Jon Jon who is in the MTC and leaving for Hong Kong in a few weeks was also blessed to run into my Dad who is also a temple worker.  My Dad got to perform initiatories for my brother, and he came home beaming because of it.

In Elder Chen's weekly shout-out to me was so sweet.  He always knows just the right thing to say just when I need it: 

"Thanks so much for everything :) I seriously love you so much! I hope everything is going good for you! Just Always pray, I think we always worry about 'How can I tell if its the spirt and not just me' But Elder Bednar said 'Stop worrying about it, just be a good boy or a good girl and god will take you wherever you need to be' I love you so much!"

I know the Lord is working miracles in my family and truly blessing the lives of those I love so dear.  Elder Chen really nailed it when he told me to "pray".  - With life being filled with heartache, growth, laughter, and achievement, we really do NEED to pray.  

General Conference always acts as a marker on the timeline of my life.  It's become a time of reflection for me.

Before heading out to school this morning, I expressed to my Mom how frustrated and impatient I am with myself so much of the time.  She told me that's just me being aware and wanting to change - It's me having the desire to improve and grow.

I think she's right.  I also think it's important to be patient with myself.  How else can I be patient with others?

I guess that's why I love this gospel so much.  JOY fills my heart knowing that it is never too late for that, for change.  How can I not share that with the world?!

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about agency and the power I have to shape my own future.  I want so much to do God's will and become someone who is worthy of accomplishing His work/His will.  I want to enrich my life with goodness, with love, and with joy.

I remember feeling a similar Spirit on my mission - feeling the desire to consecrate my life to God - feeling the need to cleanse and purify my life - feeling the urge to give my all to God and just serve, serve, serve.

So, here's to today being better than yesterday
and to tomorrow being better than today.

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