August 18, 2015

The CaroLine Cantation

My most lovable, beautiful, fabulous readers,

It has most definitely been a while since I have posted on this blog.  

What has Verina been up to during this time of absence, you ask?!
If you qualify as my family or friend, you very well know with what I have been occupied, and you also know that I've been a little obsessed with something I call "The CaroLine Cantation"! - YES, what IS this so-called "CaroLine Cantation," you ask?

Two months ago, I met a wise and most pleasant woman named CaroLine at the homecoming of a close family friend.  With royally set locks of aged wisdom, CaroLine approached me with her aura of sophistication and class.  Her light and confidence immediately captured my attention, and within the first few minutes of our conversation, we had scheduled a time for our next visit.

Who was this stranger that I was so willing to drive an hour to see?!

The time for our first appointment arrived.  I sat down in a room filled with accents of green, turquoise, and lavender.  CaroLine suddenly my guru, my sensei, my personal counselor for no fee and I sat together.  Within moments, I felt a wave of love, a sense of being understood, and comfort - everything for which I had been yearning for some time.  How had we become such close friends within such a small segment of time?  

I opened up to CaroLine and expressed my then heart-felt insecurities, doubts, and fears.  With a look of surprise and the slightest outrage, CaroLine reprimanded me for allowing such negative thoughts enter my mind.  "How can you feel that way about yourself? - I look at you and don't see any of those things.  You are beautiful," she said.

CaroLine thus invited me to cite the following cantation multiple times daily and especially before dates:


Shortly following our first visit, I returned to spend a whole night and a day with CaroLine, who thus has called her abode "Slumber Party Central".  We stayed up late into the night drinking herbal tea, icing a chocolate cake, cracking jokes, and reading scriptures.  The next day was filled with the majority of our time spent in the kitchen cooking breakfast, lunch, and baking giant cookies to be delivered to neighbors together.  

CaroLine has always been there for me ever since.  I believe that God allows certain people to come into our lives, and I'm sure CaroLine is one of those angels in mine.  She taught me how vital it is to view ourselves the way God sees us.  She is an example of selfless service, sophistication, class, faith, and hope.  Because of her voice, I feel inspired to share the same love and happiness she has shared with me.

So here's an invitation to you, yes YOU to cite the CaroLine Cantation to yourself multiple times every day.  Make it specific to your needs.  Add to it! :) Just make it YOU because that's who you ARE -- beautiful, lovable, and fabulous.


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