August 15, 2015

If I ever were to lose my mind
Well I'd say please don't give me up
This is not how I break
Down my mind still cage
That only opens up for you
So won't you please please stay

Maybe I'm already gone
These things living in my brain
Prove that I'm insane

Seems like the best way to see
I would go crazy if you weren't with me

You got me on your side, so say you know me well
You pick me up so high to drop me with your spell
You got me on your strings and pull me til I die
You say that I am great, but we should just be friends

Since I'm losing my mind
Well I'll say I would give you up, no not for all time
is such a valuable thing
I spend mind sitting wondering why you're not with me

If this line could change your mind
I'd say it a thousand times

Is everything gonna be alright?

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