August 25, 2015

A r i s e

6:30 a.m.

A comforter: Tinted green, creamy white
rustling against light friction
Distant clangs, faint passing
whispered-screams, sung-cantations


No period;

Continuous chimes
sounding time un-heard by common ears
Continuous chimes
sounding passion un-felt by mundane fears

Ink: Tinted blue, charcoal black
spinning against smooth friction
Distant clangs, faint passing
whispered-screams, sung-cantations

Poetry, like any other art, is for individual interpretation; however, abstract poetry is often misunderstood and confusing.  I don't normally include a detailed description of what my writings mean because much of it is personal; however, this piece is one of my lighter and more pleasant writings, so heres a peek into its meaning:

This morning, I woke up particularly early: 6:30.
My comforter is white with tinted green accents
I believe sounds like the light rustles of fabric against skin
are musical and pleasant to hear, hence the light friction.
Sounds from the distant construction and sounds from passing cars
seep through a cracked-open window.
The chirp of birds and their chatter remind me of sweet cantations
They sound so pleasant, but I sometime wonder if they're just whispering screams.

Arise is an imperative verb and it qualifies as a sentence,
to normally be ended with a period, symbolic of an end.

However, to arise means to begin; hence the exclusion of an end.

Chimes are the sounds made by nature - man included.
Sounds of nature - the beauty and simplicity of it and of nature itself go unnoticed/unheard by those who are "common" and "mundane" - those who are too busy and run by fear.
Ink depicts the literal act of writing a letter in blue/black ink
spinning against a smooth paper - letters I write to my missionary brother
"Distant clangs, faint passing
whispered-screams, sung-cantations"
Quoted once more to stress the sounds of nature and to tie everything back to continuous progress and time.

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