June 19, 2015


I am feeling like a NEW ME today. :) 

Yesterday, I spent the whole afternoon cleaning out my room with the help of my expert Mom. (She's THE BEST.)  Even though I kind of hated cleaning, I realized how GOOD It was for me.  My Mom believes that the way we keep ourselves and our surroundings is a reflection of how we are inside.  - So, if our surroundings are cluttered and messy, then our hearts and our minds may be cluttered with all sorts of scattered thoughts.  

As I threw out excess belongings and plain-out trash, I noticed that I had more space and more freedom to organize things the way I felt the most comfortable.  By the end of the day, I knew where everything had been placed, the room felt brighter, and I myself felt better!

Last night was also one of the first nights I went through my mission letters and memorabilia.  I was filled with so much joy and was inspired to pick myself up and improve.  - I am so grateful for a Mother who encourages me to be a clean person and prepare myself for the Lord's blessings by keeping myself pure in every single way.  

It's never too late to start cleansing and improving your life. :)  So, here's an invitation to YOU, yes you - to CLEAN YOUR SURROUNDINGS, whether that means staying in all day to reorganize your room or wash those dishes!! At the end of the day, enjoy your new environment and record how you feel. I promise it'll make you feel wonderful. :) You can do it!


  1. It's so true! I have always been a very tidy/organized individual. David...not so much, but when we were living in Provo he had an epiphany one day "Organization is preparation for revelation." To him that meant if our minds and surroundings are organized we will have space to be open to higher things because we won't be so bogged down. It made sense to me, and still does. When I have a tidy space I don't get so frustrated or distracted by little things and I am more open to the big thoughts inside of me...or trying to come to me. I'm glad you got joy from the experience of cleaning. :)

  2. I have always felt that the way my room is organized is definitely a reflection of how I feel!! I can really relate to that. On top of that I have always been a fan of constantly rearranging and changing my room. The new changes reflect progression and a new perspective for me. It is so interesting how our environment can say so much about us.