June 19, 2015


This morning, I woke up at 4:00 a.m.

Why did I wake up so early, you ask?

Well, it so happens that two very important siblings that I met in Taiwan ( 賴姐弟) got baptized today!

Even though I was on skype and wasn't there in person to attend their beautiful baptism, I still got to see their happy faces and witness as they were immersed in water.

I couldn't help but notice how grateful and joyful they both were as they bore their testimonies in from of all those who came to support and attend their baptism.

賴姐弟 have been waiting years and years to be baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  After years and years of meeting with the missionaries and making commitments to improve and better their lives in small and simple ways, they chose to enter into the waters of baptism and progress towards Eternal Life!! :)

I am so grateful that God allowed me to be there for them now and forever!

Here are some of the pictures that I snapped this morning.

The top photo is of  賴姐姐.  Next to her is another one of my RC's (recent converts) who I contacted on the streets in Dakeng.  I was blessed to be transferred to Tanzi where I attended her baptism before I left Taiwan for America.  And to the very left of the picture is another spectacular woman who I contacted while serving in Taichung.  - Not yet baptized, but perhaps one day? :) She is bright, hopeful, and filled with so much light!!

I know that this gospel is full of truths that do bring blessings to our lives.  Although I still have much to learn and much to grow, I know that as long as I am striving to act in a Christ-like way, my life will be filled with hope and peace.  :)

So, no matter where you stand, I know there are opportunities for you to serve in ways that are unique only to you!!! - Go fill the world with truth and light. :)

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