June 2, 2015

Big Girls Do Cry

When I was little, I hated being young and innocent.
I hated that I was naive.
I hated that I was gullible, foolish, and shy.
I hated that I didn't understand dirty jokes - jokes that everyone immediately got except me.
I just didn't get that humor.

And now?

I guess I'm still a little girl, and I'm not as innocent and I'm not as young.
But I am happy that I'm still a little naive.
I love that I'm gullible and a little foolish sometimes.
I love that I still don't understand that silly humor -
I love me.
I love that I'm sensitive and that I do cry.

So yes, I'm still small, and I'm still growing but this time around, I kind of like being innocent, and I want so much to be pure.

I know that's not what the world views as cool or hip nowadays, but I don't care.

I guess big girls do cry.

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