April 6, 2015

"Fake it 'til ya Make it!"

Ok guys,

If it's not already apparently obvious that I'm going through something like an emotional, bad break-up, then you probably need help - JUST KIDDING - but seriously.

Pretty sure all my friends and family are super annoyed that I've been this way for MONTHS - no joke.

So, I've decided to REALLY REALLY get my act together and BE HAPPY (even though it's hard to control that sometimes).

We're all good. :)


PS In case you're wondering what happened, I'll just say this:
Sometimes I'm a hot-headed return missionary who doesn't know what she wants, and although I'm trying to do the right things all the time, I DON'T - not because I don't want to, but because I'm a little in-experienced and sometimes run by emotions and rash (trying not to be anymore)- so I sort of do mean things to people who are entirely innocent and good to me.  IT'S EMBARRASSING, really.

Have I learned anything from all of this nonsense that actually isn't nonsense at all?!

YES.  Yes, I have.

It doesn't mean that all the things I did are suddenly okay and right (because they are most definitely not) - It just means that next time something comes up, I'll handle it in a different way, and I'm not just saying that (this is where readers roll their eyes - but it is also where I say, "Just you wait and see!!!") I guess that's why I'd be a completely lost without the Atonement.

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