February 17, 2015

E i a e e a i E

She was the happiest little girl - timid, shy, a wallflower - but everywhere she turned, and everyone she met couldn't help but smile.  She was a ray of sunshine.  Anything could make her laugh.

Her hair was long, her skin a flawless porcelain.  She was what they call "cute", "spunky", "fresh".

Naive - maybe she was naive and innocent.  People took advantage of her.  She let them because she knew it was a sign that they just needed to be loved even more.

She was the daughter of a murderer, a criminal, a thief.  She didn't know.  She didn't care.  She loved everyone.

Being sensitive was her greatest weakness, but it was also her biggest strength.  -  She drowned her sorrows with laughter, leaving little room to cry - but when she did cry, she cried alone.

The thought of allowing another soul to enter the life of her own was dreadful to her.  She wouldn't let anyone see the sorrows underneath her radiant mask.

WAS she the happiest little girl, then?

I'm not so sure.

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