September 5, 2014

An entry

So, this is a blog entry that I wrote before the mission-age change two years ago:

You can see how God really turned my whole world into hope:

"I feel like I'm surrounded by all these people who belong and know who they are.
I've spent my whole life trying to fit in, but it's tearing me apart because it's hard, and I AM different:

I've been trying to balance my life in between two completely different cultures...
I'm an American-born Taiwanese, so at home, I literally feel like I live in Taiwan.
When I walk outside, I have to try to adjust and fit in as an American. - It's hard being true to both cultures at the same time.

When I was young, I went to a private school called Challenger, skipped 8th grade, and attended my local public highschool... I was so used to wearing uniforms everyday, and so it took me a while to figure that dressing in t-shirts and jeans was social suicide. - Fortunately, I picked up my own sense of dress...

It seemed that everyone had already established their cliques, so I hung out with my sister all of my freshman year (she was a senior)...  I felt so socially underdeveloped, and it didn't help that I spent most of my time practicing to win state/national piano competitions and trying to do well in school at the same time.

All this pushed me to grow up fast, and before I knew it, I graduated Timpview with my associate's degree and plunged into my piano performance major... I started the summer my highschool graduation, decided to save money and live at home, and have been taking classes back to back - no breaks ever since.

I'll graduate with my bachelor's degree fall 2013, if that gives you an idea of my unusual life...

I'm not saying all of this to brag OR to complain.

I just wanted to illustrate my own situation to people and encourage others to be open-minded and understanding. - Don't judge others or assume anything about them if you don't even know their history!
NO ONE is perfect.  Be kind. Be genuine. Be respectful.

Because in the end, we're all trying to find something to comfort our needs and worries. - I guess in that, we're all the same.

At least, to me, is comforting."

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