August 23, 2014


2014.8.20  Boarding the plane was hard.

I'm pretty sure my eyes were swollen from crying that whole day.

I cried when I left Taiwan, and in Japan, and in Portland, and when I arrived at home - engulfed in mixed emotions...

I promised myself I would never forget.  I'd never go back to the way I was.

Yet, it has been three days since being here, and can already feel myself slowly slipping into the old habits, the old ways.

I guess it's inevitable.

Yesterday, my oldest brother Jeffrey left me a voicemail.  In the voicemail, he recited a whole list of "hopes".  He hoped for my happiness.  He hoped for my peace.  He hoped for my safety. He hoped for me, and because of that, I realized my faith.

I'm determined, and I'm ready.  You know, change can bring about the best in people.

I'm working hard, and most importantly, I'm remembering the covenants I made with my Savior...

Let's learn. Let's love.  Let's hope:

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