August 11, 2014

2014.8.11 Tanzi :) We're going to the temple!

So, this Wednesday we are going to the Taipei temple, and we will have another hour to email that day.  

Things have been going really smoothly.  Sister ko and I are still really best friends, and are finding like crazy over here.

One of our golden investigators Sister Jian met with us for the second time last week and she is already almost done reading the Book of Mormon!! We gave her a copy of the scriptures only the week previous, and she's ON FIRE!!!

Sister Jian also said that she wants to bring her 25 year old son and her husband to our church!!! SO, it's a super miracle, and she's definitely going to get baptized one day!!! :)  She's super active and is treating sister Ko and me out to dinner this week before I get back to the states.

OUR WARD IS AWESOME!!! The ward is really progressing especially with all the activities being held recently.  This Sunday night, the senior couple missionary from our ward is also being released, so our ward is holding a little activity to send us all home.

This week, Sister Packard came on exchanges with me while Sister Ko when to Dakeng.  It was super awesome just being able to follow up and catch up with Sister Packard.  We were able to talk more about what we are going to do to prepare ourselves to be the best member missionaries when we get home!! We made a plan and  we are going to follow up once every month when I get back home! :)


This week we have a bunch of members who are treating us out to eat and stuff, and we'll be doing a lot of finding as always


-Sister Verina Chen

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