July 30, 2014

2014.7.28 Tanzi - Flight schedule

I still have three weeks left, and that's a lot right?! - GAH!  The mission is asking for my reflection's talk, a miracle story, and a bunch of pictures from my mission, and I haven't even finished!! To be honest, I kind of am stressing out about all this going home stuff.

So, this email is short because I have to email all that stuff to the mission secretary, etc.!!!

BUT, there will be a good facebook post coming up either this week or next week.  Last night during our ward's Father's Day FHE we took a really cute video of all the couples and the missionary companionships.  I'll try to edit it and get it up ASAP.

AH.  I hope you all understand that I really want to email you, but I really just want to get all this picture/going home stuff taken care of so I can concentrate better on my mission right now!!!

Anyway, this last week was amazing!  Sister Ko and I worked really hard and found six new investigators.  Some of these investigators aren't actually really interested in the gospel.  They were just interested in getting to know an ABC because their daughter is studying in the states.

Well, I'll tell you all about the rest later if I have extra time!!

Love you all,
Sister Verina Chen

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