July 24, 2013


Dear Family and Friends,

WHAT?!?!  JOSEPH IS HOME!?!? GAHAldfkjalsdkfjalsk! (I hope you actually try pronouncing what I just typed...) haha Ok.  Not funny.  Don't laugh.

Alright, this week's events:

I DID TAICHI WITH ALL THE OLD PEOPLE AT THE PARK.  Every Wednesday and Friday, I do Taichi with the old people at the park.  (Tue, Thurs, Sat are running days).  Anyway, it is basically the best thing ever.  I hope I can pick up on it fast so I can teach Mom and Dad when I get back home.  Wouldn't that be something?! - We could do taichi every morning in our front yard or something.  It'd be BIG. 

Sister Tsai, Sister Lai, and I are super happy all the time.  We work hard together and are doing well!! We even had a companion fast yesterday for our investigators with baptismal dates.  We are praying for them to follow through with their goals!!  Anyway, I love fasting.  I think it's the best thing ever.  This week, I was reading in Alma about how the sons of Mosiah fasted and prayed often in order to have the Spirit with them.

I know that God blesses those who seek continually for His light and direction.  I know that through Him, we can be so happy!  This week, we planted 246 seeds!! YES! Isn't that the best?!  I love planting seeds over here in Zuoying.  There are so many people who need an opportunity/direction to improve their lives, and we can be the first ones to contact them! 

Sister Tsai shared her conversion story with us this week.  She said that she started investigating the church through English class (like Mom!!).  Anyway, something I learned is that English class IS important!  The people we contact may not want to hear the gospel right then and there, but they may be interested in English class, come to English class, hear the spiritual portion of English class, and then be willing to hear the gospel.  There are just so many countless ways for God's children to accept His gospel and find that peace/happiness that comes from living by its precepts. 

Another thing: Time is flying by so fast.  I can't even believe I've been out for 5 months.  It's crazy to think that the transfer is ending next week.  I feel like I just arrived in Taiwan.  - OK.  So cliche, but it's true.  Time goes by too fast.

Also, I've been learning so much about/from my companions.  We always have really deep conversations and love sharing Spiritual experiences.  Sister Tsai says I remind her of her older sister and always asks if I'm really 19 years old. Sometimes I feel like an old woman in a child's body.  It's really weird.

Anyway, this week was amazing.  I love each and every one of our investigators and give them little notes/presents every time we meet them.

Funny stories: Today, I wore my purple skirt and shirt with purple patterns.  Sister Tsai started laughing this morning because she said I look like a grape. Just before we left to come email, I said in a loud voice, "GRAPE IS READY TO GO!!!"  HAHAHAHAHA Ok fine.  It was funny when it happened.  Anyway, the point is, I look like a grape, and I also am wearing earings made out of "longyan" seeds.  I made them myself!! I will send a picture of them in next week's email. 

-This week, we were basically chefs.  We made greek salad,  green curry (which ended up being super spicy, and we all ended up crying and drinking all the milk in the fridge...), pidan tofu, niu rou mian (beef noodle soup), and even JAM.  We are super creative all the time.  It's really fun and healthy!

- Sister Tsai always laughs at me because I look small but I eat like a man, run like a man, bike like a man, BUT when I want to, I can also eat like a mouse and fast forever.  I think I got that from Mom. haha

- We have the greatest time contacting people and giving them paper cranes.  The kids love us!

Out here on the mission, there are so many things that I have been able to see/do/develop.  I am so excited/happy to learn more and keep progressing.  I can't wait for all of us to share our experiences when we meet again! 

PS We had a baptism this week and I got to play Chen Mama's violin.  We played "Families are Forever".  Chen Mama is so wonderful. 

Alright, I love you all so much!! Is there anything you all want to know? Ask me questions! Sometimes I don't have time to write in my journal at night, so I forget what events have occured.  Is there anything I can do/include in my email for next week? Let me know.  Love you!

Sister Verina Chen


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