July 1, 2013


HEY!! HAPPY JULY!! ( haha... I just typed "Jappy July" and then changed it because the "J" is supposed to be an "H" - OKAY not that funny, but it was funny in the moment, k?!)
ALRIGHT!!! ANYWAY!! First things first:
Vicky! Thank you for those HILARIOUS stories you email me.  I LOVE that cup story so much.  Can you post that email on my blog for everyone to see or something?! - SUPER FUNNY.  I feel like our sense of humor is basically the best.  hahaha SOOOO FUNNYYYYY. I can just see you and Jon Jon laughing your faces off.  HAHAHA Best story ever.  SERIOUSLY.  And you are basically the coolest teacher in the MTC, I'm sure!!! Keep being the best.  I love you sooooooo much.  :) Package with lots of presents for you and Jon Jon coming in the mail very soon!!!!

(sidenote funny story: We were looking at some sample cups, and it looked like one of those cups with liquid inside it - as in contained IN the cup so you can't pour it out, but it was actually just water in the cup.  I turned the cup and like threw the water onto the floor and I was SO surprised - so was JON JON and we were laughing like CRAZY.  SO SURPRISED!!)

Ok, so this week was amazing.  We have a short-time missionary with us this week!! YAY!!!! I'm super excited for this week.  We're going to contact SO Many people.  We contacted many people this week and have re-established relationships with many former investigators.  Also, it's amazing how efficient it is to work with previous missionaries from this area.  They have given us so many opportunities to find and re-activate so many investigators, recent converts, and less-actives.  I love it.  The Lord provides so many ways for us to accomplish His work. 
This week, we had to drop a lot of our investigators, which was pretty hard, BUT as I just mentioned, God does not forsake us!! He provides His own way for us to keep working and planting seeds!!!! YES!
Plus, we have TWO awesome investigators who have the potential of being baptized this month.  Ok.  They are TOTALLY going to get baptized this month or next month.  It's just a matter of time!! KEEP PRAYING FOR THEM, please!!! Prayers work!!
Last Monday we literally found a lost boy.  We were biking to the computer place to email when Sister Lai and I passed this small boy walking on the sidewalk.  At first, I felt like I could just ride past him, but as I looked back, I saw his sad face and decided to stop to give him a paper crane.  So, I yelled, "SISTER LAI! WAIT A SECOND!!" - She stopped, biked back to where we were and recognized the little boy from our ward.  We gave him a paper crane and found out that he was lost and couldn't find his mom's work (His mom has a juice stand on the street).  Anyway, the picture is of us bringing him back to his mom.  He got to ride on the back of my bike! Yeah!  Anyway, when we arrived at the juice stand and explained the situation to his mom, his mom started crying and hugged us.  She later gave us free juice and cheese cake that week.  Gah.  Those little tender mercies of the Lord!!
I'll include the picture of that little boy on the back of my bike.  Anyway, the point of the story is that God ANSWERS PRAYERS!!!! There was a moment last week when I was completely exhausted, and I literally had to cry to the Lord because I felt so weak! He totally answered my prayers.  I HAVE found a way to be happy every single day!! JUST TRUST GOD.  
Another amazing story: There's an old cute widow in our ward that we visit every week.  We call her "Chen Mama".  Anyway, her husband passed away a while ago, and she keeps his old violin in her room.  It hasn't been played in years, literally.  Anyway, everyone knows I play the viola and the piano NOT the violin - BUT - You can probably guess what happened!!! - Sister Lai and I decided to experiment a little, and I took a shot and started to play the violin.  (THE VIOLIN IS SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL.) haha that's a shout-out to all the violin performance majors at BYU - You'd all be so proud of me!! - Anyway, I started picking out her favorite hymns and playing them on the violin for her.  She was absolutely delighted and started laughing and grinning from ear to ear!! I think it was probably the happiest moments of my mission.  The whole house was filled with music, and Sister Lai sang along with Chen Mama.  
I later found out that Sister Lai had been praying for a companion to be able to play the violin for Chen Mama since she misses her husband is very lonely.  WHAT A MIRACLE.  Now, we play for her every week, and we are planning to go to "Liancitang" (the lake) to play for her after we take a walk.  It's going to be a great contacting opportunity on P-Day.  
Well, on another note, Chen Mama gave her guitar to Sister Lai.  Sister Lai cannot play guitar, and neither can I.  BUT, we are learning together!!  Music is such a blessing! I am so grateful to the Lord for allowing me to use my abilites here on the mission!!!  
Alright, so many stories!! I'll include some pictures of me from today and last Monday!  
- Me and "Wang Hao Ping" riding back to his mother.  I LOVE THAT LOST BOY.  hahaha
- Me playing the guitar while waiting for our lunch to come
- Me and other short-time missionaries, one of our star investigators, and some members.
- Other random pictures.
LOVE YOU ALL!!! Hope you enjoy the warmth and the festivities! Write me letters!! MISSIONARIES LOVE LETTERS.  
Sister Verina Chen 

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