April 2, 2013

Washington - 4/1/13

Hello family and friends!

My first week in Spokane Washington has been incredible.  Sister Huddleston and I work well together and taught 17 lessons in 4 days!! - We work really well with the members, less actives, and our NEW investigators Hamad, Ping, and Jeff. 

So before I forget, I have to tell an awesome story! The Lord really does place us in the right places at the right time.  This week, I got to speak to THREE Chinese investigators: Clarette, her Mother Ping (I gave her Mom's phone number... Did she call you?), and Jeff.  They are all foreign exchange students from China.  I got to play piano for Jeff, and we are scheduling another time for us to meet and talk about church and anything else he has questions about. - I've also been learning three Chinese characters a day and teaching my companion how to say "God is our Heavenly Father",  "I love you", "Good night", and other little phrases.  She tells me "Wo ai ni. Wan an." every night.  It's the best.  haha  I will write a letter home in Chinese soon!

Our other new investigator Hamad came to church on Sunday, and it was the Easter program (FOUR OF OUR INVESTIGATORS CAME TO CHURCH!!!) so that made it ten times better.  He is like the perfect investigator and was the one who came to us!! - Pretty sure he is from the middle east.  Anyway, we have an appointment with him this week to tell him more about our church.  - SO EXCITED!

We also have two baptisms coming up.  One of them is on date for April 26, and the other one is still pending, but we are pretty positive he is getting baptized.

Also, we tracted a lot this week.  Tracting is fun but not very effective.  My companion is really good at talking to everyone we run into, and we hand out SO MANY mormon.org cards and restoration pamphlets.  It's awesome.  I learned that working with less actives and members is the best way to get new investigators, so we've been teaching a lot of lessons and working with our ward.  It's great.  Everyone over here loves the sister missionaries! :)

Something that President Mullen said that I really liked is that we need to "Diligently do the things that matter most" every day!! I've been working hard to be optimistic and strictly obedient every day.  There are miracles that happen every day, and all we need to do is NOTICE them.

Yesterday, Sister Huddleston and I weren't sure whether we should go to one investigator's house or another's.  We were in the car and decided to say prayers and ask God where he wanted us to be.  When we finished, we both felt prompted that neither of the options was correct.  There was something better.  Right after we opened our eyes, there was a Chinese boy that rode past our car on his bike.  At first, we cracked the window open so I could say something, but we both got a little scared and just drove on.  The whole time we drove past him, I was saying a prayer and asking God if He would give us another chance to contact that boy!  Finally, we stopped by the Smith's home, where Sister Huddleston was prompted to go.  The Smiths are a nice old couple in our ward.  Anyway, we stopped by and were talking when we heard their back door opening, and guess who walked in?!?! - The Chinese boy we had passed earlier on the bike! His name is Jeff, and he is one of the Smith's foreign exchange students!!! :O!  I bet all of your jaws just dropped!! MIRACLE!! (And that's just one of them.) 

Alright, shout-outs:

Sam and John Turner!!: I met Elder Turner over here, John's little brother.  He said he would email you about it!!! He acts A LOT like John does.

Mom and Dad, Thank you for sending those blueberries, vitamins, and letter the first day I arrived in Washington.  I can't believe you got the package to me so quickly!! I love reading your emails every week.  They are filled with so much love and happiness! - Also, I ran into the Garretts and Sis./Bro. Garry during my last temple walk.  They are so great!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

PS WE ran into Vicky's old mission presidents, Christian Garrett, and we made Easter eggs yesterday and had a green meal (literally).  I CAN'T WAIT FOR CONFERENCE NEXT WEEKEND!!!

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