March 24, 2013



Right after I sent you my email, I checked my profile, and guess where I'm headed until our visa's come in?!!?!?!!?!?


CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!  ALL three of us, Sister Ting, Sister Tsoi, and I, burst into tears and hugged each other so tightly IMMEDIATELY after we checked our profiles and found out we are all going TOGETHER.  - IS GOD TRYING TO KILL US WITH HAPPINESS?!??!

I feel so happy right now.  We're not sure if we're going Mandarin speaking, but I wouldn't be surprised if we were.

WASHINGTON, EVERYONE!!!! It's like a second mission call.  I can't wait.  WHAT BLESSINGS.
We are probably leaving this coming Tuesday, so I'll write you later and confirm the details.

Also, something I forgot to mention in my other email: If you are ever bored, go onto and watch all the "I'm a Mormon" clips.  Read all the talks and events.  They update you on all the interesting things going on in the church, and you can find answers to any of your heartfelt concerns.  haha is TRUE. AMEN. 
OK.  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.  Please forward this email to everyone else and update my blog when you have time.  I pray for you all every day and hope that everything at home is going well. 

Love you!!

-Sister Verina Chen   

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