October 2, 2011

Be You.

We're ALL human, after all.  I think that everyone cares about what others think of them... We're all self-conscious, but sometimes, we feel like the only ones who ever feel a certain way.

In reality, everyone feels.  Everyone wants attention.  Everyone wants to be loved, and sometimes, that's why certain people act the way they do.

No matter what, do what you love for yourself and not for anyone else, because in the long run, it'll be worth it, if you're committed to work hard.  Seriously, hard work is what will get you places, not talent, not relying on others.  You have to have confidence and take risks.  Become ready to go through hardships to get what you want.

People will say things to bring you down.  Don't listen to them.  Stand tall.  Look up.  Stay focused and be determined because in the end, the only thing that matters will be you setting your own limits and fulfilling them.

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