September 11, 2011

This song's about speaking to the keys.

Have you seen the sky recently?! - It's crazy grey.  Time to haul out the rain boots, but first I've gotta find them... Darn it!

Yesterday, Jasmine and I went to DI...  We found the hottest, silky, button-up shirts.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any cuz I forgot my moneys, and although Jasmine was offering to buy one for me, I couldn't accept.  ... This is Jasmine, my ethnic sister.

...  I hope they're not all sold out by the time I go back...  Because, if you know me, I really really really love old lady shirts with cool patterns on them.

Also, we went swimming, but it was more like diving at the pool in the RB. You know the huge platform professionals dive off!?- Yeah, I did that!! I was scared, but I just jumped, and before I knew it, my body was aching from the impact... but only for a short moment. hehe.

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