September 11, 2011


A-gon (grandpa) is over from Taiwan!  I love when he comes over because we always have rice porridge for breakfast and the most delicious meals for dinner... like sushi, salad, soup... Thank goodness for my Baba!

Alright, alright.  Story time...
A-gon brings his camera EVERYWHERE.  He loves technology, and I'm pretty sure he hoards things... useless things like sculptures, blow-up balls, plastic owls, lights, lights, lights, and much more.  - Sorry, I'm getting off topic.

Anyway, today during sacrament meeting, he started taking pictures of himself, and the stake president kept smiling because ... it's pretty self-explanatory.  All you need to know is that my grandpa is the funniest, cutest old man in the world, and my grandma (aside from providing me with the raddest clothes) should win the world's cutest old lady contest... She's smaller than my mom who's smaller than me, and she's got the coolest hair style!... Did I say she's small and cute?! - Down side is she never comes to America because traveling is really an energy drainer, but I love seeing her when I visit!

I'm so grateful for such caring, intelligent, and hilarious grandparents.  They really do too much for me.  I admire them for their respect, love, and wonderful example, and I'm so blessed to know them!

Alright... I'll cut out with the cheese.

<-- Grandma's clothes

... Vicky always scolds me for taking pictures of myself... -.- Sorry Vicky...

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