September 14, 2011

Cooler weather.

Today, I ran into one of my talented friends, Shun!  He's from Japan, plays the guitar, bass, and piano, and is one of the most kind and genuine guys I know... He also will probably never see this...
Well, anyway, he found me sitting on a bench outside of the HFAC in the shade, and so we sat down and had a little chat...

Some of the we talked about reminded me of the random things I love and look forward to!

-  Sitting cross legged. (We happened to do that a lot when we were sitting on the bench.)
-  Accordions.
-  Shoes.
-  Poofy hair... I love it.  I really do.
-  Exploration.
-  Art galleries. (Please don't call security on me.)
-  Secret rooms... that aren't actually secret... but secret in my head.
-  Autumn! - I get to wear those cute clothes!
And last of all....
-  Sweaters... Beautiful sweaters, wonderful sweaters to be worn in the snow at night while listening to jazz music!!

As you can probably pick out, I am obsessed, or currently am obsessed with cooler weather.  ... It's a comin'!

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