September 7, 2011

but... I'm scared of heights...

Ni hao.
I'm fall semestering with 15.5 credits, 9 classes (8 of which are related to music in the HFAC, and one Book of Mormon), and 4 hours of practicing every day.

Today,  I'm getting a haircut...  I guess my hair never really gets that long before I change my mind once more.

Pictures will be posted later.

Also, Elder Chen is in the MTC.  Jon Jon said he caught a glimpse of his happy face while riding his bike by the MTC... I wish I had more time to ride my bike...

Anyway... this:  There is a FERRIS WHEEL in the middle of campus, right outside the HFAC and the wilk... (I don't think I've ever been on one.  Honestly, I'm a bit scared, but I plan on doing it by the end of this week.)
Regardless, I'd better get back to practicing.

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