September 30, 2011

Once I Thought The World Was Crazy.

- Solitaire, by Wilco.

A Change at Christmas 

I know everything changes.
Yeah, its strange how time marches on.
Maybe there'll be some time in the future.
Oh, tell me I'm not wrong.

Oh, if I could stop time, 
it would be a frozen moment just around Christmas
When all of mankind reveals its truest potential.
And there is sympathy for the suffering
Yes, there is sympathy for those who are suffering

And the world embraces peace and love and mercy
Instead of power and fear
And as sure as I'm standing here
I swear it really does appear that a change comes over us
Yes, some kind of change comes over us

And it's glimpsed for one shining moment
And this change feels like a change that's real.
But then it passes along with the season
And then we just go back the way we were

Say it isn't so.
Tell me I'm not just a dreamer
I'm talking with a friend and he knows how it ends
He says it's easier, that's just the way we are.
That's human nature and that's just the way we are.
Oh, say it isn't so!

-The Flaming Lips

September 29, 2011


It's so funny when people start crying out of pure joy... especially when it's grown men at Taylor Swift concerts.

September 27, 2011

Simple things.

Sometimes, the simple things like this (see below) are the best things in life.

September 25, 2011


One of my favorite things about meeting new people is looking into their eyes and seeing intelligence...  I mean, really, if you look at someone's eyes, you can really see a big part of their personality.  

It's amazing to me...

September 19, 2011

Peace as Green

They say time heals
a blade deeper than the sands.
Pieces of broken, shattered glass
and it's easy to fall into a trap.
To be replaced with nonchalance...
Unbelief of this chill... dispersed  
- those feelings rash.
Yearned and yearned and yearned
only to be replaced or forgotten.

They say time heals
a blade deeper  than the sea
and it's easy to fall in love,
but to be replaced with nonchalance
those feelings rash
and yearning yearning yearning

They say time heals...
can it mend shattered glass?

They say time heals

September 18, 2011

Oh Jon Jon

This is Jon Jon:

He follows me outside while I'm taking the trash so he can protect me from anything hiding in bushes...
Although... I'm pretty sure that if something did jump out of the bushes, he'd run inside screaming and leave me alone with my trash.

Regardless, I love this little guy - actually - he's not little.  He's had a growth spurt and is taller than little me darn it!

Aside the fact that his friends pick their noses with their pinky toes while sitting on banana chairs, he's a pretty cool guy, and he makes me laugh harder than a hyena on steroids.

If you're wondering what goes on in his head, here's one of his ridiculously nonsensical, outrageous compositions:  (You may not find it funny, but Vicky and I find it absolutely hilarious.)

By: Jon and John

Hi, my name is Perry.  I go to Stanford University.  I am 5’10 and have brown hair.  I have blue eyes, and I am a monster hunter.  (You are probably thinking “What the heck. A monster hunter!?”) Yeah, I should probably start from the very beginning.  Two days ago, I woke up to a call from my neighbor.
“What?” I said in a druggy voice. (This is what I get for staying up all night drinking root beer and watching Star Trek.)
“Hey you!” a man replied in an Irish accent. “I need you to baby sit my three kids.”
“Okay,” I said as he hung up the phone. “Great” I thought, “I have to take care of three little freaks for the rest of the day”
I got to the house twenty minutes later.  I knocked about twenty times before a short man wearing all green answered the door.
 “Who are you?” He asked.
“I am here to baby sit your children you called like twenty minutes ago.”
“Oh yeah, they are in the Living paidaohfdjsaj,” he said
“The what?”
“The Living Room.  Now I have some business to attend to in my office.” As he left, he plopped his green top hat on, and started running.  He was as fast as a vampire!
“Hmm strange,” I thought. “Oh well, I’ve got a job to do.” I walked into the living room where three kids were playing the new game “Gears of War 5 Alien Destroyer.”
“Hey kids,” I said, I’ll be right here studying for my test.  Don’t bother me like other brats would.” 
I started studying until I got distracted by the awesomeness of the game.  The characters would kill vampires and other aliens using crossbows, shotguns, and other violent instruments of war.
Later, when the strange man got home, I could see a dark red splatter through his raincoat, and I also noticed that his hat was missing.
 The next morning, I read the daily news, when I stumbled upon a column about a man found dead in the forest near my dorm. I decided that I would go with my roommate, Steve, and go check out the crime scene. When we got there, we saw the body. It had two bite marks in his neck. Because my roommate and I were both nerds, we decided that those bite marks were vampire bites marks.  Also a little bit to the left of the body was the green top hat that the person I babysat for slipped on before he ran into his “Office.”  Suddenly, Steve said “Oh my gosh.  Perry, the murderer, has to be a Leprechaun-Vampire!”
Later that day, I remembered how the kids were killing the monsters in that video game.  I loaded up with a crossbow, a bunch of stakes, garlic grenades (regular grenades, but with garlic coating the outside).
 When I finished, the same neighbor called, “I need you to baby-sit my children again.” 
I took Steve to watch the kids so that I could follow the man with my parent’s car.  I threw all my gear into the car and when he started running, I followed him.  We got to the forest and it started to rain.  I waited half an hour and fell asleep. When I woke up, he was gone.  I went to my dorm.  The crime had already been committed.  “I WAS SO CLOSE!” I thought.
The next morning, my roommate asked, “Did you catch him?”
“Where can we find leprechauns and vampires?” He asked jokingly, “it is so fake dude.  Just give up!”
Then suddenly, I figured it out, “You find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, don’t you?”
“So if I go to the end of the rainbow, I will find a leprechaun!”  I exclaimed.
“Hahahahahaha! Dude come on this is so fake!”
“I’m going, but you need to baby sit his kids tonight!”
“Fine. But you owe me one,” he replied.
Outside smelled like rain.  I saw a rainbow.  I threw my gear into the car and started to find a way across the rainbow.  I took a trail until it got dark.  It started to rain cats and dogs.  The rain wouldn’t let up.  The methodical thud of the wiper blades lulled me into complacent dreams.  Narrowing to a single land, the road wrapped itself around and out of the silhouetted trees and tangled underbrush.  Darkness grew palpable and cloistering.  I searched for the clearing, but my headlights bounced of every grotesques rock formations. I slowed to a crawl, when suddenly a shadow crisscrossed my path.  As I hit the brake, my car lunged forward like a cat off a wall.  What awaited me was not a dog or a cat, but the most horrible of my nightmares.
 A Leprechaun-Vampire!  I saw him!  He was green all over, except he had red eyes and long sharp fangs.  I shone my headlights on him and it was the man I baby-sat for.  I quickly grabbed my gear and chased it into the woods.  I lost him, but I still ran towards his general direction until I came into a large clearing.  I turned on my flashlight and found that this clearing was swarming with Leprechaun-Vampires.  In one second, they all surrounded me. I pulled out my garlic grenades and threw them in every direction.  They all blew up and only five or six more were left.  I then pulled out the crossbow loaded with stakes.  Then, I shot.  I took down one and now there were only four more to go.  I shot another one down.  Then out from behind me, the man said, “I will kill you,” as he jumped on my back, scratching me all over. Then all of the sudden, a wolf came and devoured all of the leprechaun-vampires. After this, he transformed into a human.
I stood there stupefied as he said, “My name is Jacob Black.  Nice to meet you, oh, and by the way what you just saw wasn’t real.  So you can go back to your car and drive home.”
 I obeyed and drove away.  The next morning, I read another article about a man found dead in a field.  I investigated again and saw that the man was bitten and mauled all over and for some reason he was sparkling… Fairy wolves!
From then on… I was nicknamed Perry… Perry the monster hunter. 

I'm a ghost.

Couldn't you see it?
You're alone in an empty room.
An eeriness crawls up your spine ....  When suddenly,
The door creaks open...


I scare myself sometimes...

September 17, 2011

For you.

Go outside.
Lie in the grass.
Listen to the rustling of leaves.
Listen to the peace.
Look up at the clouds, the magnificent sky.


Close your eyes.
You're not the only one...

Forget me not.

"Doubt not.  Fear not."

Placing my exact thoughts/feelings into words seems impossible.  As an eight-year-old, an hour was sufficient.  One hour evolved into two, then three, then four, and now six or eight.  Eight hours of chords, cadences, passages, phrases...  Czerny, Hanon, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, Schumann, Beethoven, Scarlatti, Bach, Haydn, Mozart, the list runs on.

Preparation for competitions demands patience and thought.  Mindless practicing creates mindless performances.  Every note, every phrase requires meticulous care.

All the while, I admit I am scared.   I fear of where I will go, what I will do, who I will meet... because it seems nothing will ever fit, and I'll never have time.

Every time I doubt, every time I fear, I remember that I am only capable of doing by best, and one day, everything will work out...

September 16, 2011

I just want to close my eyes.

The world never stops for anyone, even for an unselfish child in writhing pain - an innocent child shedding uncontrollable tears - because perfection is a dream.

This world we live in... where nobody is what they seem.

So, be careful out there, if you're naive like me...

No one is as sweet.
And it's hard finding your dream...

September 15, 2011

My blue box.

While sitting in the grass and munching on the regulars, the petite lass, blissfully tied two balloons to her white, high-waist pant's belt holes.  Much to her delight, a quite younger gal walked past, holding a man's hand.  Oh, the light, the innocent lust in the small girl's eyes as she beheld those floating, helium delights.  
After a struggle and a fight with the hardy knot, the lass with balloons gestured to the adorable gal and beckoned her to take the twinkling strings.
 Relieving the parents for a cinch of time, she felt better than hoarding the blue bubbles to herself...


With a sigh of cheer, the lass went back to coloring blue balloons on her box.

September 14, 2011

Cooler weather.

Today, I ran into one of my talented friends, Shun!  He's from Japan, plays the guitar, bass, and piano, and is one of the most kind and genuine guys I know... He also will probably never see this...
Well, anyway, he found me sitting on a bench outside of the HFAC in the shade, and so we sat down and had a little chat...

Some of the we talked about reminded me of the random things I love and look forward to!

-  Sitting cross legged. (We happened to do that a lot when we were sitting on the bench.)
-  Accordions.
-  Shoes.
-  Poofy hair... I love it.  I really do.
-  Exploration.
-  Art galleries. (Please don't call security on me.)
-  Secret rooms... that aren't actually secret... but secret in my head.
-  Autumn! - I get to wear those cute clothes!
And last of all....
-  Sweaters... Beautiful sweaters, wonderful sweaters to be worn in the snow at night while listening to jazz music!!

As you can probably pick out, I am obsessed, or currently am obsessed with cooler weather.  ... It's a comin'!

September 11, 2011


A-gon (grandpa) is over from Taiwan!  I love when he comes over because we always have rice porridge for breakfast and the most delicious meals for dinner... like sushi, salad, soup... Thank goodness for my Baba!

Alright, alright.  Story time...
A-gon brings his camera EVERYWHERE.  He loves technology, and I'm pretty sure he hoards things... useless things like sculptures, blow-up balls, plastic owls, lights, lights, lights, and much more.  - Sorry, I'm getting off topic.

Anyway, today during sacrament meeting, he started taking pictures of himself, and the stake president kept smiling because ... it's pretty self-explanatory.  All you need to know is that my grandpa is the funniest, cutest old man in the world, and my grandma (aside from providing me with the raddest clothes) should win the world's cutest old lady contest... She's smaller than my mom who's smaller than me, and she's got the coolest hair style!... Did I say she's small and cute?! - Down side is she never comes to America because traveling is really an energy drainer, but I love seeing her when I visit!

I'm so grateful for such caring, intelligent, and hilarious grandparents.  They really do too much for me.  I admire them for their respect, love, and wonderful example, and I'm so blessed to know them!

Alright... I'll cut out with the cheese.

<-- Grandma's clothes

... Vicky always scolds me for taking pictures of myself... -.- Sorry Vicky...

This song's about speaking to the keys.

Have you seen the sky recently?! - It's crazy grey.  Time to haul out the rain boots, but first I've gotta find them... Darn it!

Yesterday, Jasmine and I went to DI...  We found the hottest, silky, button-up shirts.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any cuz I forgot my moneys, and although Jasmine was offering to buy one for me, I couldn't accept.  ... This is Jasmine, my ethnic sister.

...  I hope they're not all sold out by the time I go back...  Because, if you know me, I really really really love old lady shirts with cool patterns on them.

Also, we went swimming, but it was more like diving at the pool in the RB. You know the huge platform professionals dive off!?- Yeah, I did that!! I was scared, but I just jumped, and before I knew it, my body was aching from the impact... but only for a short moment. hehe.

September 10, 2011

I'm going to do it.

I really am, this time.  I'm going to grow my hair out for the next two years.
It will be very, very long...
And there's no going back, because I said I'm going to do it, and I am.

September 8, 2011

September 7, 2011

I wish I was from France... I like the sound of that.

This is my imagination:

Everyone's got a pleasant smile.

And we sing in beautiful tongues.

Cuz no one's afraid to be themselves.

And we're all just little kids...

but... I'm scared of heights...

Ni hao.
I'm fall semestering with 15.5 credits, 9 classes (8 of which are related to music in the HFAC, and one Book of Mormon), and 4 hours of practicing every day.

Today,  I'm getting a haircut...  I guess my hair never really gets that long before I change my mind once more.

Pictures will be posted later.

Also, Elder Chen is in the MTC.  Jon Jon said he caught a glimpse of his happy face while riding his bike by the MTC... I wish I had more time to ride my bike...

Anyway... this:  There is a FERRIS WHEEL in the middle of campus, right outside the HFAC and the wilk... (I don't think I've ever been on one.  Honestly, I'm a bit scared, but I plan on doing it by the end of this week.)
Regardless, I'd better get back to practicing.