August 1, 2011

Well, I guess I'm back.

Lately, I've been listening to classical, romantic, baroque, and a ton of instrumental music and jazz.  It's been lovely!

And although I like listening to the radio on occasion, I really respect artists who incorporate deep, singing melodies - somewhat like Chopin.

Which reminds me...

I've been neglecting the expensive books of Chopin nocturnes, Bach's prelude's and Fugues, Prokofiev's Sonatas, and much much more. - They've just been piled high in my closet.

But yesterday, I pulled out the Chopin nocturnes and sight read a few.  -  There's nothing like a Chopin nocturne, even if it's a bit slow.

And now, I give you a picture of me in the HFAC - like everyday and all morning, you'll find me in this place preparing my theory figured basses and sight singing materials...

PS. I think I've fallen in love with baggy, button-ed up shirts and silk scarves...

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