July 8, 2011

I am...



Blue Skies


There'll be blue skies - and I say that figuratively - because 
                                                             to some people,
Blue skies are hot, summer days

                                                    And to others...
like me...
       Blue skies are days,
with a slight breeze,
              that sprinkle rain....                      You know...
Just how it feels when you're walking on the beach.
                                           And someday...
                      There'll be tears
of joy,
                        not sorrow...

And no one will be afraid ...
of being alone.
They tell me that destiny makes fun of us,
That it gives us nothing and promises all
It seems that happiness is within reach,
so you reach out and find yourself mad

July 6, 2011

So many possibilities - Happy 6th.

Every day seems to be ordinary... regular... normal...  But today, it's my baby brother's birthday.  Happy Birthday Jon Jon!!!

  I love you even though you're taller than me.
  I love you because you're cute and funny.
  I love you because you're kind.
  I love you because you are creative.
  I love you because of your short temper.
  I love you because you play the violin.
  I love you because you're one of my few and only best friends.

: )  Today, let's go on a bike ride... as soon as I get home.

Happy 14th Birthday, little brother.
I love you.