June 8, 2011

ta te du de - kodaly

It's starting.
So I'm studying solfege - you know... do re mi fa so la ti do... hand signs

Sight singing - rhythms

Duple: 1 te 2 te....
Triple: 1 la li 2 la li...

and then adding "ta's" for subdivisions

Duple: 1 ta te 2 ta te
Triple: 1 ta la ta li ta 2 ta la ta li ta

and dotted notes

1 ta 2 ta...
1 ta li 2 ta li...

And the du de's and du di de's...
On Monday, I'm testing to pass out of sight singing 1... the lady was very professional and respectable.
...  She wore a button-up, flowy white shirt with black chinese characters on it.

it's been a busy day... full of this, planning schedules, my future, and drivers ed, observations and drives, and of course, learning my new Schumann concerto and reading "Jane Eyre"...

Here's part 1 of my Schumann... I have the introduction learned already.  : ) - I'm excited to audition with the BYU phil in a year or so.

I can tell it's gonna be a productive year, filled with pure, musical classes... I can't wait to focus and learn more in music than I have ever done... I guess, ever.

In fact, I already have the repertoire for a sophomore recital polished and ready to go.

My teacher says I'll be graduated in about three years... and then off to the East.

But for now... I'll just take it as things come. - You know... piano's not my whole life here.

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