May 2, 2011

Little girl.

I remember....
Playing barefoot in the treehouse until our feet were covered in splinters...  we spent the afternoon in Dad's lap, crying in pain, as he dug 'em out with tweezers.

Making the perfect snowball with my snow-filled, velcro-flapped mittens.

Dressing Jon Jon up like a girl with our pink and blue baby blankets.

Cooking up some tacos made out of leaves, grass, dirt, and wood.

Racing up and down our street in bikes, roller blades, and scooters.

Sticking the helicopter seeds on our noses and pretending to be dinosaurs.  
Hanging tight on top of Dad's back as he bucked like an angry bull.
Going on pokemon and lego adventures.
Giving Mom a bouquet made out of grass and leaves.
Piggy back rides and rolling down grassy hills till we were dizzy.

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