March 1, 2011

my jie jie

Today, I made Vicky wait for nothing.  
I was a bad sister...a very bad sister.  
Probably the worst sister in the world!!


I wanted to make it up to her.

This is how I'm doing it.

Victoria Chen.  A.K.A. Vicky Chen.  A.K.A.  Beautifulest.  A.K.A.  My inspiration.  


You are the best sister I could ever have.
You are my best friend. 
You always teach me and tell me I'm beautiful.
I want to be like you.
When I'm sad, I think of you because you always seem so strong.
And when you cry, I cry.
And when I cry, you always cry.
We're inseparable.
I never want to hurt you because you never hurt me!

And one last thing.

I love you more than the stars in the sky!!



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