March 27, 2011

Just keep on going.

Well, today I competed against 6 other national pianists. 

Unfortunately,  I didn't even place!

I'm human...   (OK, call me a baby).
I cried until my head started throbbing...

But I really have nothing to be ashamed of. 
What really matters is that I changed peoples' lives.  Many thanked me for my performance and said it was the highlight of their night.  Isn't that what performing is for?  I refuse to become a machine, a rigid CD player.  This is me... I worked my hardest, I did my best, and I am going to keep on going.
This IS life.  It's about picking yourself up when you fall. 
I'm taking what I learned this year for another.
I'm never giving up, no matter the criticisms of others, no matter how hurtful.
I need to work on my technique and sound.  I can do it.
Regardless, I've learned so much. 
.... and now, I'm going to wipe my tears and get a hold of myself.  :)

There's always another year.
I just need to keep trying.

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  1. One told you to GROW PHYSICALLY?! Verina, they are so lucky I'm not there with my big, huge biceps >:[