March 31, 2011

Running like Apes

Today, my sister and I ran like apes and laughed all the way to the BYU library.

That's the happiest I've been in MONTHS!

Thank you Vicky!! I FREAKIN LOVE YOU!

Your ape sis,


Beautiful World.

When I feel sad and alone, I walk to the temple, lie in the grass, and cry...  
I look up at the stars and feel a little better.  

Because amongst all this chaos, and if you think about it, we live in a beautiful world...

March 30, 2011

So grateful for YOU!

This is a shout out to all my friends, who made me happier than I have been lately.  (You know who you are!)

Today was my first day of school in a long time.  

I got to see all my friends!

(Even if it was just a hello!)

And I got an extremely Chocolatey killer cupcake (sorry, I forgot the real name already).  

Unfortunately, it did not come alive.  (If it did, I would have tickled it.)  

March 29, 2011

Emerging from a cloud

Just as a crane,

small and vulnerable, clean and beautiful ... and unique

millions of people are created

and brought into this world...

Some rise and some fall.

They stumble, and get caught in clouds.

But some... yes some... with a spring of hope, a bit of effort, and of course, love...

rise and emerge from those clouds.

March 27, 2011

Just keep on going.

Well, today I competed against 6 other national pianists. 

Unfortunately,  I didn't even place!

I'm human...   (OK, call me a baby).
I cried until my head started throbbing...

But I really have nothing to be ashamed of. 
What really matters is that I changed peoples' lives.  Many thanked me for my performance and said it was the highlight of their night.  Isn't that what performing is for?  I refuse to become a machine, a rigid CD player.  This is me... I worked my hardest, I did my best, and I am going to keep on going.
This IS life.  It's about picking yourself up when you fall. 
I'm taking what I learned this year for another.
I'm never giving up, no matter the criticisms of others, no matter how hurtful.
I need to work on my technique and sound.  I can do it.
Regardless, I've learned so much. 
.... and now, I'm going to wipe my tears and get a hold of myself.  :)

There's always another year.
I just need to keep trying.

March 25, 2011


Two flights from SLC to Denver and finally to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
I made it.
I had expected to see fields and fields of farmland, cows, and of course cheese.
Milwaukee, however, is surprisingly gorgeous. The city is breathtaking really.

Arriving here seems like a dream. Everything has gone by in a flash.

Someone asked me how I feel.

I said i don't know. It's a mix of excitement, nervousness, and a rush of reality. I'm really here. I'm setting my limits and fulfilling my dream.

No matter what happens, I'm going to keep going and keep trying.

Today has been refreshing. The next few days will be full of new and exciting trials and adventures.

This is it. This is life.

March 24, 2011

Running up.

Last night, I received 

1.  $700
2.  Two tickets to the Shakespearean Festival this summer
3.  One ticket to a nice play

for being runner-up for Utah's Music Sterling Scholar.  I'm so grateful to have been provided such a remarkable opportunity. 

Tomorrow, I am leaving for Milwaukee, Wisconsin to compete in nationals.  I will be performing on Sunday.  I'll be back on Monday.

Alright. Here we go!

I'm running...  Running...  Never looking back...  Only forward... At the Speed of Light.

March 22, 2011

fipdate sissy

For those of you with a sense of humor, I recommend reading my sister Vicky's blog:

It's pretty amazing.

Here's her latest post:  (She got a red fish from her class for FREE!... His name is Clifford.)

Fish + update = fipdate.

Me: "Lilsis, did you feed the fish?"

It has only been two weeks, DAD!

And NO, DADClifford is STILL not for eating.

March 15, 2011

a'ight ...

This'll be real quick.  I promise.


I was listenin' to some music.  (You know, during my break, of course... Don't worry.  I'm practicing hard.)

So, anyway, I came upon this guy: Landon Pigg.


haha... You know me, I'm a mouse.  I love cheese.

March 1, 2011

my jie jie

Today, I made Vicky wait for nothing.  
I was a bad sister...a very bad sister.  
Probably the worst sister in the world!!


I wanted to make it up to her.

This is how I'm doing it.

Victoria Chen.  A.K.A. Vicky Chen.  A.K.A.  Beautifulest.  A.K.A.  My inspiration.  


You are the best sister I could ever have.
You are my best friend. 
You always teach me and tell me I'm beautiful.
I want to be like you.
When I'm sad, I think of you because you always seem so strong.
And when you cry, I cry.
And when I cry, you always cry.
We're inseparable.
I never want to hurt you because you never hurt me!

And one last thing.

I love you more than the stars in the sky!!