January 15, 2011

Alexandra Alexander Agle

Yes, this is the famous Alexandra Agle.

Dearest Alex,
Do you know? You and Jeffrey, my creeping brotha have the same birthday. O.o haha Alas, i hope your birthday is full of fun and surprises and love. I can't even count how many times you have pulled me through a bad day or situation... whether it was just a hug or a talk on the phone, or just a smile! I admire that you are that way, and I KNOW you'll always be there for me. Thanks Alex, and I hope you to have a wonderin', splendenin', and happenin' hoppin' birthday. ;)

Ain't she the prettiest dancer eva?

Bam... PrinceofPersia

1 comment:

  1. Verina, thank you so much! YOU are amazing. Love you beautiful girl!!!