January 30, 2011


Today, I felt like writing a little poetry - or whatever you would call this:

I woke up this morning, exhausted from the night.
The light of spring came in my window.
What a sight.
Warm and bright, fine with flight.
Reflected off my wall...
Wall colors.
Danced in the scene.
Lifting my eyes, my brown eyes, I felt alive.
Alive again.
The light of spring...

January 28, 2011


Going to the temple every week makes me happy happy happy! I'm so blessed to live just a block away from this wonderful place.  I can tell I'll be sitting many times in the grass outside its walls this summer.  I can't wait to take it all in.

 I've been reminded again and again that if I ever am down, I'm thinking too much of myself. I need to forget myself and serve.
Cuz then I can breathe breathe brreeeeaaaaatthheee.....

break my fall.

I like being alone.  I like laying in the grass at night while the sun sets.  I like my instruments.

Sometimes I wish for something so far away...
You know...

like a beach!

who'll listen to me play music.
who admires me.
who'll play songs for me.
who'll make me smile and laugh.

Yes,  I am conceited...

January 27, 2011

Ghandi boy.

The Ghandi: The lonely boy with a peaceful stare, sandy blonde hair and glasses...sitting alone, outside.  I usually pass him by.  But today was different.  Today, I talked to him, not knowing what to expect.  I thought he didn't have friends.  He told me he likes programming... computer programming.  I told him he must be smart.  He probably hears that a lot.

January 18, 2011

Lavie Oren

One day, Jeffrey showed me this video and said it reminded him of me...  As much as I'd love to accept such a compliment, I cannot.  This is magnificent.

What a work of art.

: )

January 17, 2011


alone, piano, beach... 


January 15, 2011

Jeff. Happy birthday.

Jeffrey Chen is my brother. : )

It's his birthday today.
He likes cheesy things.
He's cool.

He's my dance teacher.
He's a heart breaker.
He's an RM.

I'm a black stallion.  He's a bird.
We fight imaginary fights.
We like to compose our own songs.
I play the piano and he sings.

We make silly music videos.
When I cry, he makes me laugh....

"Hey Verina"
"what? ... (sob, sob, sob)"
"Hey I have a question."
"Ok... (still sobbing)"
"Wh-where's Waldo?"
"hahhaaa sob ahaha sob aaahhaha WHERE'S WALDO?"

He's willing to try new things.
He likes competing, but I always win.

He's a celebrity!!!

Happy Birthday Jeffrey.  I love you!!

Your baby sis. 

Alexandra Alexander Agle

Yes, this is the famous Alexandra Agle.

Dearest Alex,
Do you know? You and Jeffrey, my creeping brotha have the same birthday. O.o haha Alas, i hope your birthday is full of fun and surprises and love. I can't even count how many times you have pulled me through a bad day or situation... whether it was just a hug or a talk on the phone, or just a smile! I admire that you are that way, and I KNOW you'll always be there for me. Thanks Alex, and I hope you to have a wonderin', splendenin', and happenin' hoppin' birthday. ;)

Ain't she the prettiest dancer eva?

Bam... PrinceofPersia

January 12, 2011


 It's my fourth post today...  I just can't get to sleep.  I've been thinking.

About this:

Green fields.
Long Grass.
Clear skies.

I'm running. And I don't care.