May 19, 2017

Beethoven Sonatas

As many of you know, I am preparing to take my oral exams on May 31st this month.

Part of the process includes memorizing themes and knowing works of all major composers throughout piano literature.

Today, I will be outlining Ludwig Van Beethoven's piano sonatas written in three main periods:

Period I
Op. 2
- No. 1, f minor
- No. 2, A Major
- No. 3, C MAjor

Op. 7 in Eb Major

Op. 10
- No. 1, c minor "Little Pathetique"
- No. 2, D Major
- No. 3, F Major

Op. 13 in c minor "Pathetique"

Op. 14
- No. 1, E Major
- No. 2, G Major

Op. 22 in Bb Major

Op. 26, Ab Major Variations

Op. 27
- No. 1, Eb Major
- No. 2, c# minor "Moonlight Sonata"

Op. 28 D Major Pastorale

Period II
Op. 31
- No. 1, G Major
- No. 2, d minor "Tempest
- No. 3, Ab Major

Op. 53, C Major "Waldstein"

Op. 54, F Major

Op. 57, f minor "Appassionata"

Op. 78

Op. 79

Op. 80a, Eb Major "Les Adieux"

Op. 90

Period III
Op. 101, A Major
Op. 106, Bb Major"Hammerklavier"
Op. 109, E Major - Theme and Variations
Op. 110, Ab Major
Op. 111, c minor

January 12, 2017


I read an article the other day.

It talked about how people who are tardy are more innovative and optimistic about life.

I thought:
I'm tardy.

I'm always tardy.

         Even as a teacher I'm tardy.

                                                        Does that mean I'm brilliant? Or somehow smarter than others?

Probably.  Yeah.  That's probably what it means.

Then, I think:

Wow.   I'm conceited.

I know I'm conceited.

Should I do something about it?!

Probably.  Yeah.  I probably should do something about it.
I can't write with you looking over my shoulder.  

But here's the thing:

I do want to write with you looking over my shoulder.  

I wish I wasn't so shy about it.