December 28, 2015

Dark light

I wrote you a handsome letter
With roses and light

But to deliver that letter or bury it in spite?

What horror could it unravel
Your heart already turned to ash

Don't you dare come near me
Your words just burning past

When all just screams nostalgia
Your living quarters do

The shoes, the woods, the blossoms
Yes, even mountains too

I'm here just standing, waiting.
I'd wait a year or two

For words so ever transparent
Mean nothing to your brood

So take this moment precious
Digest these words at all

Don't dare you stare and beckon
When all your words don't even call

This pain is for the lovers
Who forget they've over-splurged.

So buried in my pocket is this letter sealed to you
To deliver it would burden more than help the soul it proves.

If ever again I see you
My heart within your hands

I'll unbury every letter
To smell all of the roses and feel dark light again.

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