January 12, 2015

r a i N a l l y O u W a n t.

"Hey Dad, do you like the rain?"
It was too early for me to grin.
I watched the rain drip down the front window.
We switched into the right lane.
"Yes.  I like the summer rain."
Red light.
Maybe he doesn't like this winter rain. - It's too cold.
"The rain melts the snow."

He paused. He's thinking.  Dad always answers all of my questions. 
- I love him for that.

"The rain melts the snow. The rain falls into reservoirs. It's good for us."

I think I like the rain.  Of course, the rain reminds me of tears.
Many people think the rain is God crying.

I don't.

It's not God's tears, but it does reflect emotion - like people - like us.

Sometimes our hearts get cold - the snow falls, and it freezes over.
Then one day, it rains - we cry - like when we were children, un-afraid to show emotion:
The snow melts.
The ice melts.

It's our way of warming up.

- To let it all go. - To let it all out.

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