July 7, 2014

2014.7.7 Tanzi

Dearest family,
Move call is here!!! Guess where I'm headed?! - TANZI with Sister Ko Yu-Ting!  
Tanzi, like Dakeng is in the North Taichung Zone.  I had the opportunity to go on exchanges to Tanzi TWICE with Sister Ko these last two transfers, and now we're serving together!!! :) Tanzi has an incredible ward with amazing investigators.  On our recent exchange together, Sister Ko and I found five new investigators in one day.  Next week one of our investigators You Xing Yi is getting baptized.  Last move call while I was serving in Dakeng, I had contacted You Xing Yi on the street and referred her to the Tanzi sisters, not knowing that she would get baptized, and better yet - I will be able to attend her baptism AND teach her the recent convert lessons!!
Also, I'm going back to being a facebook missionary with Sister Ko!!!  So, we'll be using facebook to work with a lot of online investigators. 
The Tanzi and the Fengyuan sisters live in the same apartment, and so guess who is moving to Fengyuan to live with Sister Ko and me?! - SISTER LESLIE MEDRANO!!! - YES.  THAT Sister Medrano, my trainee, my baby!!! :) I am SO excited to see her tonight because we'll be able to catch up on everything. 
Isn't this last move call just a BEAST?!?! - I have the best companion, an awesome ward, the coolest roommates, a golden area, and an intense zone. I'm definitely going to make it the best that I can!!
Anyway, since today is move call, we only have an hour to email.  Sister Ko and I are getting hair cuts this afternoon.  :)
Love you all!!! 
Sister Verina Chen 

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