June 13, 2013


Hey family and friends!! 
Anyway, this week was great! We saw a lot of miracles, and we met these amazing investigators: a  Dad and his daughter.  They came to the church to ask about the free English class and then started to ask questions about mission work and why we dedicate a year and a half to serve people we don't even know.  So, we invited them to learn more about our church, and they agreed.  We taught the first lesson right there, and they came to church yesterday.  They are amazing, and they learn so quickly.  I feel like my trust in God is growing.  It's so important to trust in His will and His own time. 
We contacted a lot this week on the street.  Sister Lai and I prepared little handouts with short testimonies stapled to paper cranes that I made for people on the street.  We hand them out to everyone we talk to.  It's a great icebreaker, especially if there are little kids.  They LOVE paper cranes, and I love making paper cranes, so it's a great match.
English class is awesome.  We teach the little kids, and although it's hard to get their attention, I have grown to love it.  The kids are so cute, and they love the missionaries! Yesterday, there was another woman who came to the church to find out more about the English class.  Her six year old daughter is coming this Wednesday.  Anyway, we had contacted them the day before on the street and given them little paper cranes.  They recognized us when they saw us at the church, but we didn't recognize them because we run into so many people on the street.  Anyway, long story made short, they are interested in English class, are potential investigators, and are coming on Wednesday night!!! :)
Today, we got a call from a recent convert around 7 a.m. She was hysterical and in tears, so we quickly got permission from the district leaders to go and visit her.  When we got to her house, we listened to her problems, comforted her, gave her a lot of hugs, made her breakfast, sang her hymns, did her hair and makeup, and brought her out to email with us.  She's sitting next to me right now!! I have learned that God will always provide opportunities for us to help other people.  Although I am not fluent in Chinese, and I have so much to learn, I know that He will always help me to love and serve the people in other ways, besides the language.  
That's why it's so important to ACT.  Actions really do speak louder than words.  I couldn't really comfort her through words, but I made her breakfast, did her hair and makeup, and gave her lots of hugs.  I know that God puts certain people in our paths because He knows that we are able to help them, and they are able to help us, too!! :)
Anyway, I'm so excited to continue serving the Lord.  I have learned so much... I have also eaten a lot - a lot of delicious food!!!  I also eat bing like every other day.  It's so good. 
I know that God gives us trials because He knows we can handle them.  Whenever we run into hardship or affliction, I know that if we put our trust in Him, He will reward us and help us when the time is right. 
Alright! Time for pictures!!! :)
These first two are from last week on P-day.  We went to Hai-bian.  We found a pink building and decided to take a fun picture in front of it.  Also, I bought a farmer's hat because it was soooo hot.  Everyone kept making fun of me because only farmers wear those hats over here... haha
Love you all so much! :)
-Sister Verina Chen

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