May 12, 2013

Washington - 5/6/13

Hello family and friends!!!

What a wonderful, eventful week this has been!! 

So, I'm leaving for Taiwan tomorrow morning and am really excited to finally be getting there! It's been really bitter-sweet.  Today is the last day I have with Sister Huddleston.  We woke up early to begin packing, and we decided to have matching HAIR, so I did her hair and we modeled in the car on our way to lunch.  We know how to have fun, and we've really become sisters.  We have grown and learned so much from one another.  I LOVE SISTER HUDDLESTON!!!

Susan's baptism was on Saturday.  We were a little worried that she might run out of the building and never follow through with her commitment because of her anxiety, but she didn't!! We held her hand and helped her know that we would be there for her the whole time.  Even after she had been confirmed on Sunday, she was a little flustered, so I held her hand during the sacrament.  Susan is such a sweet lady, and she's been through a lot.  I have grown to lover her so much and am going to miss seeing her.

This weekend, we did a lot of service by going to nursing homes.  I played about 1.5 hours of hymn arrangements and classical music for the elderly.  It's great because when I start, there may only be one person listening to the music, but by the time I finish, a whole crowd of people have gathered and are eager to ask me questions: Where, how, and why I am here in Spokane!! - And guess what? - I tell them that I'm a missionary, and then I'm able to bear my testimony of our church!! :)

We also had to say good bye to Floyd today.  He's the recent convert that we always visit who lives in the nursing home.  He's such a sweet man and cries very easily, so when we told him we were both being transferred, he immediately started to cry, so we started singing, "I am a Child of God", and he began to feel better.  It's cute because he has the tiniest, wiener dog named Oscar.  Oscar's was even a little sad when we went to say good bye.  He's a smart dog!!! haha His head was down and his tail was between his legs when Floyd started crying.  It was so sad, but it was a little funny at the same time.  Floyd said he will write me letters when I go to Taiwan.

Anyway, those were some of the highlights of this week.  I also received a box from mom and dad full of the CD's I requested, so THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! 

Ok, picture time!!!!! 

The first picture is of me and all the foreign exchange students from China!
Jeff is the tall one on the left, Eric is the one right next to me who looks a little like Sam Hsiung.

The second picture is of me and Jimmy and Clarette. Jimmy is a magician and called Dad last weekend.  He's smart and is really funny.  Clarette is Jimmy's friend and her Mom Ping is over here in Spokane for a little while.  I taught Clarette how to pray last weekend.  

I feel so blessed to have taught all these people over here!!! Isn't it amazing that the Lord knows where we need to be at the right time?!

Third picture is of us and Susan at her baptism.  Her daughter Kylee is getting baptized in the summer in Utah where her Dad lives.  

Fourth picture: This is how beautiful Washington is!! I have so many pictures of the scenery here but won't be able to attach all of them!!! 

Fifth picture: While we were walking back home from an appointment, we ran into a man with a garden, and although he wasn't interested, he let us take home some flowers to plant outside of our apartment.  I planted two of them and took a picture of my stubby toes.  :)

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