May 14, 2013


Dear Jon Jon (and the rest of the family) and friends,

It was SOOOO good to skype/talk with you all on the phone today!
Ok. Guess where I am?!?! -I already told you... - ZUOYING.  It's the smallest area with the most people here in the Taichung mission.  - Am I blessed or what?! Holy cow. 
And Sister Lai is awesome.  She's 25 and is a convert, born and raised in Tainan. I love her so much.

The 2nd night we were here, we did DAN JONES where all the new missionaries went to the night market, sung a hymn, and one by one, stood up on a stool to bear testimony and preach the gospel!! It was so fun.  Sister Burr was the cutest.  She got up on the stool and was swinging her arms everywhere.  It was great.  When it was my turn, my heart was beating so fast, but I started yelling (in Chinese), "HELLO TAIWAN! LISTEN TO WHAT I SAY! I KNOW THIS CHURCH IS TRUE! I KNOW THE GOSPEL BLESSES FAMILIES! - waving Book of Mormon around - I KNOW THAT IT CAN BRING BLESSINGS TO YOUR LIVES TOO!! I KNOW GOD LOVES YOU!!!"

And then we were each paired up with a senior missionary to go talk to EVERYONE we ran into at the night market.  I handed out a Book of Mormon, talked to a grandma selling plants on the street (SO CUTE), and said prayers with about 4 people.  It's great to see the looks that we get as missionaries.  :)

Anyway, today it rained cats and dogs.  The good thing is I got to wear my bright, neon, yellow poncho and bike through the city soaking wet behind my companion.  It was so fun.  I think I was laughing the whole time. haha Also, I learned something really important: DON'T WEAR MAKEUP THAT'S NOT WATERPROOF IN TAIWAN.  Seriously, man.  It's hazardous... Makeup in your eyes plus acid rain doesn't go well. It was so funny because we stopped at the light, and I looked at Sister Lai, and she was like, "oooh!" - And I was like, "Shenme?! Hei Hei de, ma?" (What? - Are they black?!) And she was like "Dui!" (Yeah).  Hahaha So, I rubbed my mascara off with one hand while steering with the other.  When we got to our destination, there was no more mascara.  haha It's like taking a shower in the rain. :) SO FUN!!!

haha I just looked like a crying bright banana riding a bike in the rain in the streets of Taiwan.  - BEST EVER.  Is the rain over here really acid?!

Sowhenever we hit a red light, we always talk to the people on scooters next to us.  The first day I got here, I was super shy and didn't talk to nearly anyone, but then I started talking to people because I figured, the worst thing that could happen is they could reject me and I'd probably never see them again since there are so many people here anyway, right? - RIGHT. I still have a hard time initiating contact, though.  - Working on that.

The Taichung mission is so different from the Spokane, Washington mission.  It's true.  People here are much nicer.  The weather is so crazy.  Today was the first really intense rain.  It's so beautiful here.  I love the people, the buildings, the food (MANGOES), the fruit (MANGOES), the weather, the church.  I love my bike.  That's my favorite.  It's so much fun. 

Being a missionary in Taiwan is so much fun.  It's like riding bikes all day with your best friend and talking to people.  It's only been a few days but we've already been able to visit a lot of people who need our help.  They are people who I am learning to relate to and open up to.  I love sharing my testimony, experiences, and the gospel with those who need it over here, and I can't wait to teach English on Wednesdays!!! :)

Ok.  I'll try including some pictures.  I hope you are all healthy and happy.  LOVE YOU ALL!!! (ESPECIALLY JON JON!)

Sister Verina Chen

The pictures: My custom made bike!
- A picture I already forgot that I uploaded... I think it's of me and the other arrivals.
- Me and my home!
- Hot pot - Dad, we eat everything here.  It's the best food.  YOU NAME IT!
- Me and Sis. Graham (We arrived at the same time.  She was Sis. Burr's comp in the MTC.)
-SIS. Burr

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