February 11, 2013

Health/Dieting Tips

Hi guys!!

I just realized how cheesy my recent posts have been... Sorry! Sorry!

Haha I think I go through phases, and I don't realize 'til later that I've been through another one of my "Oh my goodness.  I have to tell the world how much I love them. (slash) I feel like crying right now.  I should post what I am feeling right now." phases.


So, if you're one of my close friends, you've probably heard me complain about how chubby my face is getting and how fat I feel right now.  DON'T WORRY. I'm not anorexic or anything.  I've currently just been eating a lot more than I should, exercising less than I should, and I need to re-evaluate my dieting/exercising habits.


Today, I came across this really helpful video, and wanted it to share it with all you out there who need an extra push, like me, to improve health.  Her name is Jenn Im, she's a fashion blogger, and SHE'S ASIAN.  Whew!

ANYWAY, she has TONS of quick, easy, and "do-able" tips that absolutely anyone can do!! Watch it, live it, share it, and check out her other videos! She's awesome!!

OH, And in case you're not the video-watching type of person, I made a list of the steps she suggests for health/dieting in her video:

"1. Take a picture of everything you eat.  The conscious effort of taking a picture of your food makes a difference.  Every week, you can see what you're eating and what you can do to improve your diet!

2. Avoid/limit carbohydrates! Instead, use those calories on veggies or protein! Don't over-indulge.

3.  Re-mix your meals.  You can modify recipes, add things in, or take things out.  Add vegetables, tofu, and fiber to your meals! If you're eating sodium-packed meals, add some steamed veggies or broccoli to the side! You'll feel better about yourself seeing more color in your meals.  Focus on the nutrition your eating.  

4.  WATER IS YOUR BEST FRIEND.  Get a canteen, or always have a water bottle by your side.  Drink water 3-4 times every hour!  When it comes to soda and juice, it's better to just eat the actual fruit because you are getting the vitamins and fibers!  

5.  Excersize!! Losing weight is 80% of your diet and 20% exercise.  Look up "blogilates" on youtube! Do whatever you can to motivate yourself to exercise.  Park further away from your destination and walk the longer distance!! Every step counts!"

Keep in mind that every small thing you do builds up to something greater!! Results take time, so stay consistent and stay healthy!


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