January 17, 2012

When compared to a flower.

Flowers stand together.  Flowers stand alone.  They never complain or chatter - or if they do, I cannot tell.

If I were a flower, I'd wilt away without anyone to notice.  Flowers are delicate and sensitive to the conditions beyond their control, but with the help of another existence, oblivious it may be to them, they are protected and nourished.

Every flower - different - every flower that stands on separate earth.

But we're not flowers - and we're not plants - We're not anything but human, regardless astounding similarities we find among other life.

I am human.  We are human.  As delicate and fragile we are, we have the ability to change, to choose, to create.  Flowers co-exist - we too must co-exist.

In that sense, we are flowers.

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