November 28, 2011

Fake smiles and fake hellos.

Since when did I need to be afraid of what others think?

I'm glad high school is past me...  You learn to not care in college.

Friends will be friends.  They'll love you for your actions and not your appearances.

I can't stop others from judging, but I can stop myself from judging.

It was me.

They fixed the lights that I broke in the HFAC...


If they find out...

They probably won't do anything.

This is a post.


November 27, 2011

I run a schedule:


Ward choir
Youth choir
Men's choir

A cellist
An oboist
A flute choir
A bassist 
A composition major

Composing/ improvising:

An impressionistic peice from scratch
O Tannenbaum (adding an Intro and postlude and embellishments)


Schumann's introduction and Allegro Appasionato
Prokofiev Sonata 2, mvt. 2
Scarlatti Sonata in D Major


Dictation 3
Sight singing 3
Theory 3
Keyboard Foundations
Keyboard in Ensemble
World Music
Basic Organ Skills
Piano Performance
Book of Mormon


November 25, 2011


Whether it take five minutes or hours, imperfections are what make things beautiful.

These were done a year ago... I suddenly stopped, but I think I'll start again.  That's what you do - you keep trying, even without the right training or materials.  You make do with what you've got.

I guess I'm ringing this up again.