April 15, 2011

Ni Jiao Shenme Mingze?

After Jon Jon and I went to get Pho (the best Vietnamese noodles in the world), we started singing our made-up Chinese lyrics to "How Firm a Foundation"....

Translated,  it would sound like this.

"What isss your naaaaaame?  What i--iiiss yoouuuurrr name?!  What i -isss your naame what i-iss your naaamee?"  .... etc. etc. etc....

But it sounds cooler when you sing in Mandarin.

"Ni Jiao Shenme Mingze?  Ni Jiao shenme Mingze?  Ni Jiao shenme Mingze?. . ....  .. . "

You get my vibe.


Ain't this the cutest song ever?

I'm going on a date tonight!!  

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