January 15, 2011

Jeff. Happy birthday.

Jeffrey Chen is my brother. : )

It's his birthday today.
He likes cheesy things.
He's cool.

He's my dance teacher.
He's a heart breaker.
He's an RM.

I'm a black stallion.  He's a bird.
We fight imaginary fights.
We like to compose our own songs.
I play the piano and he sings.

We make silly music videos.
When I cry, he makes me laugh....

"Hey Verina"
"what? ... (sob, sob, sob)"
"Hey I have a question."
"Ok... (still sobbing)"
"Wh-where's Waldo?"
"hahhaaa sob ahaha sob aaahhaha WHERE'S WALDO?"

He's willing to try new things.
He likes competing, but I always win.

He's a celebrity!!!

Happy Birthday Jeffrey.  I love you!!

Your baby sis. 

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